Visit the coverage of the National Fair held in Sudbury July 2003.
Heritage Press

Information from the Heritage Press website:

The 2003 National Heritage Fair took place in Sudbury, Ontario from July 7th - 14th. Approximately 165 young students from across Canada have been chosen to attend this year's Fair where they explored the city's rich heritage and presented their excellent heritage projects to the public
Alumni students also attended the Fair. These are students who have attended previous fairs and continue to show an interest in the fairs and in cultural history. One alumni student from almost every province and territory has been chosen to attend the National Fair. The alumni will act as student reporters, capturing the energy and excitement of the Fair. Their articles are posted here so that people from all over the country can read about the delegates’ activities and experiences during their stay in beautiful Sudbury, Ontario.
The 2003 National Fair was an exciting one with all that Sudbury has to offer. The delegates learned about the city's well-known mining history by spending time at the New Dynamic Earth attraction and they had the opportunity to attend many Multicultural Workshops. They also visited and participated in activities at Anderson Farm, Science North, and Laurentian University. They took in an IMAX film, and participated in land reclamation activities.

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